Seeing dudes on here be so angry and demeaning towards women, and yet ask for nudes and have 95% of their blog be naked girls is such a WTF. These guys are nearing 30 and they pride themselves on being assholes. Like, that’s the way they describe themselves. And apparently that’s cool? Ugh. It seems like every black guy who was too awkward to get girls in high school, and probably had a porn addiction and watched anime after school, is now on tumblr and taking out their anger on women. It’s gross. 




When she says “close my door”

When she says “come to bed”

When Krispy Kreme got the hot donuts


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Seeing people constantly come for Rihanna over how many people she’s slept with is just…irritating. First of all, it’s mainly speculation, and second, she’s a single bitch in her 20’s, if she can’t sleep around now then when? If I looked that good and had that much famous dick at my disposal, I’d probably do the same *shrug*. But I just wish that we could stop the bullshit because if you’re a grown ass woman and you’ve been sexually active since you were roughly 16-18 years old, chances are you have more than a couple sexual partners. Lets be real. Using “hoe” as an insult is so middle school. If you can’t find anything better, don’t speak. Ugh.


Betty Adewole x Peter Jensen


Feeling myself.

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